A little about me - I love exploring and being outdoors. My early days were spent trying to go fast & faster and getting as FAR off the ground as possible... dirt bikes, motorcycles and skydiving.

Today, is a little less reckless, mostly kayaking, hiking and climbing...

now I enjoying the beautiful vistas and not just whizzing by them at 100 MPH.

Wherever I may roam, I usually have a camera nearby and I'm probably jamming to some rock, grunge or blues.

Professional Photographer since 1997.

I have a diverse collection on lenses and lighting enhancers; flashes, LEDs, and reflectors. I am especially skilled at captuting low-light & available-light imagery.

Being a traveling photographer is quite the adventure. I get access to live events, join people on their exotic vacations, and capture images of places not on the typical tourist map.  

Highly skilled in Photoshop - able to change summer to fall, remove your curious cat and make your teeth whiter in a single bound.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.